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Virtual payment system

Virtual currency payment system is dedicated to application scenarios and Internet finance Virtual payment is the world's first payment system based on blockchain scenario application development
Secure payment

Electronic currency is gradually replacing traditional paper money. With the increase of online transactions, network banks, digital currency and virtual currency can ensure the security of data exchange only when the network and software can operate normally.

network security

Computer communication network is a system that connects several computers with independent functions through communication equipment and transmission media, and realizes information transmission and exchange between computers with the support of communication software.

Virtual transaction

Although the development of virtual transaction is not formal and sound enough, with the attention of major game manufacturers and national institutions, it is believed that in the near future, virtual transaction, as a healthy and vigorous emerging industry, will exude its unique charm.


Realize the process of online currency payment, cash flow, fund clearing, query and statistics from the buyer to financial institutions and businesses, so as to provide financial support for e-commerce services and other services

Q2 2017
Future is Now
Cash, one of man's most versatile and enduring inventions for thousands of years, will eventually melt into a stream of zeros and ones in the next 15 years or so.
Q3 2017
In today's world of mobile electronic banking, money is being transformed from physical notes and coins into pulsating numbers on the Internet. Against this background, a new form of currency, known as "cryptocurrency", exists in the code of encrypted strings. The digital currency revolution began in 2008 when SatoshiNakamoto, then unknown, published a white paper on Bitcoin. Now, new cryptocurrencies are being created almost every day, and they all have one thing in common: the underlying technical architecture is the blockchain. The blockchain itself is a shared public ledger on the system -- from the first block to its end. The ledger, known as a blockchain, consists of blocks linked together, where each block contains a certain number of transactions that are verified by the network at a certain time.
Q4 2017
New Technology
Financial services is the first application area for blockchain, which has the potential to reinvent the financial infrastructure due to its high reliability, simplified processes, traceability of transactions, cost savings, error reduction, and improved data quality.
Q1 2018
Moving Forward
There are now more than 10,000 merchants around the world that support digital currency, including major spending scenarios such as dining, accommodation and shopping.
Q2 2018
South Korea and Japan have already overtaken the digital currency payment sector, while southern and western Europe and the eastern United States have become the most accepting digital currency payment scenarios. There is still huge room for digital currency payments, and the scale of their payments is expanding rapidly.
Q1 2019
Driven by such a huge market demand, we set up Coindpay.
Q1 2020
Coindpay enables users to purchase digital currency assets directly with debit cards and credit cards, enabling rapid settlement of digital assets and barrier-free switching between multiple currencies, making digital currency payments as fast, simple and secure as Alipay.

coindpay Bit Brothers

coindpay It is a one-stop aggregation service platform focusing on the blockchain industry, providing users with industry information, in-depth reports, value articles, character interviews and ecological applications.
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